NDP at the end of its rope

When Jagmeet Singh was elected leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), I was hoping for a counterforce to oppose Justin Trudeau. Unlike so many others across the country, I had no problem with Singh’s background. That he was the first “non-white” person to head a federal party simply didn’t register with me. The only things that matter to me are functioning brain cells, competence, common sense and common values of decency—you know, all those things the current prime minister so sorely lacks.

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When idiots propose new taxes

John Welsman, the president of the Screen Composer’s Guild of Canada (SCGC), has proposed a tax on downloads over 15GB, saying that when people’s internet traffic exceeds 15GB, it is likely that they are watching (too much) Netflix or downloading music. This idea is so preposterous, downright criminal, that it makes you wonder if Mr. Welsman should perhaps make an emergency appointment with a psychiatrist. Continue reading “When idiots propose new taxes”

Copyright protection is fine, but make the products available too!

I came across a number of articles in Canadian newspapers today about Europe’s new Copyright Directive. This controversial new law is intended to strengthen the rights, and revenue, of musicians, producers, etc. It also includes a provision that requires services like Google or Facebook to pay a licence fee if they link to a newspaper article. Continue reading “Copyright protection is fine, but make the products available too!”

Simple: same job, same pay

The Canadian news magazine Maclean’s came up with a great idea recently: selling two different versions of the current issue, one for men, sold at a higher price, and one for women. The magazine wanted to draw attention to the gender-based pay gap issue. Proceeds from the ‘male issue’ will be donated to the scholarship fund for an Indigenous woman. Continue reading “Simple: same job, same pay”

Canadians say no to Netflix tax, and to taxes in general

I’ll admit it: I like watching TV. I like all forms of art, and television is certainly not of any lesser quality than, say, a theatre performance. There was a time, a long time ago, when actors refused to work in television, because they thought it was beneath them. Those days are long gone, because major motion picture stars now regularly appear in and even headline TV shows. Continue reading “Canadians say no to Netflix tax, and to taxes in general”